Thinking of extending your WiFi to an ouside building or study

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May 31

How can I get reliable WiFi to a building outside from my house or home, such as a garage, extension, work pod, etc.?

Until about the start of 2021, there was no really good reliable way to use a wireless system to extend your WiFi outside your home. Plenty of WiFi products promised speed and reliability, but often these would become unreliable, or conflict with a neighbours similar system or they just failed due to poor low cost manufacture.

Up until about 2021, the most reliable way to get WiFi outside your home was to use a network cable. otherwise known as a CAT5 or Ethernet cable, and run the cable from your router to an outside building that was dry and had power, i.e. inside a room.

Technically this is very reliable, but there are many issues that make this method both very expensive to do properly and there are also things that can stop the system working.

These include:


Cables are low cost, but the installation of the cable can be considerable and often run into £100's. The cable must be installed correctly, which means that the cable must be run inside a sealed pipe through sealed holes and ideally buried safely underground. Running cables under roof eaves will not work for long unless the cables are completey protected with a strong pipe.

In addition, you must add in the cost of an additional router (£50-£150) to go in the outbuilding and then have that router professionally setup correctly, so that any change of your main router will not break the system.

Installation - Expensive & Risky

To install an external cable correctly, can be very expensive, and will require several hours of skilled instalation to do correctly and may need further repair work. It is very easy to do this badly, without making sure that the cable does not get damaged by water or rodents. Squirrels love knawing through these cables if they are exposed!, and once the cable gets water ingress and wet with frost damage, it will start to fail.


By not using an experienced installer, you risk damage to your home, such as brick or render damage, or internal plaster or wallcovering damage during the installation. Even worse would be drilling into a water pipe or electric cable resulting in an even bigger problem. We have seen lots of damaged plaster or chuncks of brick or render missing from where these cables have been fitted.

What's the best and modern solution for today?

By far the best solution today, is to use the best of the best and most reliable WiFi systems, correctly installed and even more importantly, positioned in the correct locations, to extend WiFi beyound your home. These systems and our installion is considerably lower cost that an external cable solution and our solution has none of the cable solution risks.

Our solution does NOT require any drilling whatsoever, and the installion takes no more than 1 hour. The Computerhomefix solution is a Win Win Win solution for todays WiFi needs.

Thinking of extending your WiFi to an ouside building or study

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Thinking of extending your WiFi to an ouside building or study