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29 July, 2015


This is a demonstration we did to showcase some new web design software that will allow us to be more responsive and help us to create web sites in less time which of course results in a reduction in overall price.

Also this allows us to use this type of software to rapid prototype different design. There is no other software available that allows such a quick turn around and demonstration of ideas. Give us a challenge to come up with a design.

Another elegant web site for a Yacht Survey company

28 July, 2015

Another web site created by us for a local small business in Cardiff.


Old web sites still looking fresh

27 July, 2015

It's rewarding to look back on some of our web sites that were created over 10 years ago. They are not mobile friendly of course and need to be updated to make them fully compatible Google's Mobile Friendly system. What this means is that if your current web site is not 100% mobile friendly, then it will already be starting to slide down the Google search rankings used to position where you appear in the search results.

Made in Wales web sites

26 November, 2023

At the bottom of every web site created by ComputerHomeFix , we proudly use the message "Made in Wales" to signify where are located. Far too many business in regional areas look to large organisations based outside those regional areas, i.e. London. Support your local business by sourcing your fresh hand crafted web sites from us.

Single page new web site

21 January, 2016

Using the very latest web software to create a 3 dimensional navigation system. This is a one page style web site that can scroll up and down as well as left and right when there is more information to be shown. This type of web site if perfect for small businesses such as solicitors and legal services or any similar business where a presentation type web site gets the message across to prospective customers. These type of web sites are very very cost effective. Contact us if you are interested in having your web site updated or even created for the first time.





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