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Microsoft Office & Windows 10

7 May, 2016

July 15: Microsoft announce that "Free" versions of Office will ship with the "Free" WIndows 10 update due to be available on July 29.

Confusingly, the new "Apps" will be called Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, etc. even though they will run on desktops. Currently Microsoft offers "Free" versions of Office called simply Office so to distinguish itself from Office 365, which currently costs £5.99 per month for one user. However, the version you don't have to pay for does not allow you to save files on your PC, and is therefore, more of a crippled trial version than an actual useful version. How the new Mobile versions function, remains to be seen but the predictions are that it will behave in a reduced capacity to make it almost unusable in the real world.

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Wi-Fi Extenders - Powerline

14 July, 2015

We often get asked about how to improve the Wi-Fi in homes and small offices.

There are some basic things that can be done such as trying to move the Wi-Fi router towards the center of the area of where you want to cover. This could be a location such as a hallway or landing instead of being close to one of the outside walls of a property. This may not be possible because your router needs to be connected to your main phone socket via a 2m cable and you also will need a mains power socket close enough to charge it. One other thing to check is that the router is as far away as possible from anything metal such as wiring, radiators, ventilation ducting, steel shelving, etc.. Of course our homes and offices are full of that stuff, but by trial and error you might find an improvement.

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Upgrading to Windows 10

7 November, 2015

During our many years of supporting Microsoft software problems from Win95 through each version, we have witnessed one consistent thing that is now broken in 2015. There was a tradition, almost a part of computer culture, that as a new Microsoft version was announced and we approached it’s release date, we would be asked the same question over and over again - “Should I upgrade to the new version?”. The answer varied over the years, but with regularity the question arose as the general PC user was aware of a new version coming and also had an expectation that new is always better. There was almost a low level buzz about the milestone of every new Windows.

In the past, we would work with customers and develop a plan, to transition to the new version of Windows and include a period of teething issues that we knew would arise. Often it was seen as a catalyst to replace printers or other perfectly functioning hardware that would no longer work with the lack of support in new Windows.

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Online Payments

8 March, 2015

We have now added an online payment system to the ComputerHomeFix web site. It is now possible to make an invoice payment using PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to make a payment as you can also use anyl credit or debit card to make a payment through the PayPal system.

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A lot back at 2014

8 January, 2015

Tuesday, 13 January, 2015 Blog entry created in

The biggest problem that we see that is causing genuine difficulties, continues to be Spyware (also known as Malware). Whatever the label, if your Windows computer gets infected with Spyware, you have a problem.

The symptoms remain the same but recently we have seen much more aggressive control being taken over of your PC.

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