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Virginmedia Email changes

20 July, 2015

Virgin Media announced today (July 20 2015):

"Your email service is about to get a mini-makeover."

"we worked hand-in-hand with Google to provide your email service. But now, they can no longer help us do this. So we’ve created our own.Your email service is about to get a mini-makeover"

Roughly translated, they jumped into bed with Google Mail but the honeymoon is now well and truly over. More likely, Google can certainly help them but they just can't agree on the terms.

They are announcing changes to the their email system, but what they fail to mention in the email announcement sent to all Virgin Media (and also Ntlworld) customers, is that this only relates to their Web Mail service. I.e. this will only affect you, if you log onto the Virgin Media web site and sign into their Mail system. If you use an email program such as Outlook, Express, Windows Live, WIndows Mail, etc, this should not affect you.

If you do log into the Virgin Media Web Mail system, then you should consider backing up, i.e. saving your contacts and also messages if you can. Virgin Media say they will transfer over your email messages and contacts to the new system but it wouldn't be the first time that contacts and messages go missing.

This could affect a lot of users in the Cardiff area which has a high percentage of Virgin Media customers. If you need help with your email system in Cardiff, call ComputerHomeFix on 02920316861.



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