WiFi Internet Reliability or Speed which do we really need

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May 01

Speed or Reliability?

The answer is reliability. We are constantly bombarded with speed, when what we actually need as a minimum requirement, is that the speed is fast enough when ever we want to use it. We don't need more speed, we need more reliability.

What speed is fast enough?

There is no set minimum speed, however a reliable 20Mbs service should be fast enough for most. If you achieve that sort of speed, but your requirements demand more, then you will probably know what speed you need. I.e. if you are using your internet for fast responsive gaming or have multiple users all watching different streaming services at the same time. If you have signed up to a 65Mbs service then it would be normal to see 35Mbs and above.

Visit SPEEDTEST to check your download speed at different times of the day.


Broadband Internet delivery into homes is prone to many issues that will reduce or stop the service.

Your Internet service will degrade or fail often, yet you will probably only notice it when you are using it to do something like watching NETFLIX or iPlayer and notice the TV pauses or freezes.

The important things to consider are:

  • That this happens as few times as possible - the provider needs to invest and provide well trained and motivated technicians
  • That the Internet provider can monitor the system and respond and fix it as quickly as possible
  • You can be contact your Internet provider and they quickly fix the issue

Unfortunately, this varies between Internet providers.

If you have an Internet problem and can't speak to a human being from your Provider, change your Provider. It is essential that you quickly speak to someone who can get the issue fixed ASAP, everytime you have an issue. Speak with your neighbours if you can, to see if others are having the same issues.

WiFi Internet Reliability or Speed which do we really need

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WiFi Internet Reliability or Speed which do we really need