Why does my WiFi vary so much in my home in Cardiff

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March 01

Why does my Internet connection vary.

Your Internet connection that is delivered into your home can vary a great deal throughout the day.

Note this is nothing to do with your Wi-Fi in your home and is just the delivery of the internet into your router and is the bit that your Internet provider controls.

If you are sharing an old technology telephone line with your neighbours, then at peak times of the day, i.e. the evenings, your Internet speed may drop to the point that you notice it or notice "buffering" delays when watching NETFLIX or iPlayer. If you are lucky enough to have had your local phone lines (under the road or pavement) upgraded to the newer Fibre phone lines, will reduce or eliminate this effect.

The best way to determine if your are suffering from a slow internet problem, is to check the speed of your Internet that is being delivered to your router. Using a phone, tablet or computer that is as close as possible to the router, i.e. visit SPEEDTEST to check your download speed at different times of the day.

If it slows down at peak periods then the supply into your house is the problem.

If you have signed up to a 65Mbs service then it woud be normal to see 35Mbs and above.

  • Call your internet provider and complain if your speed into your home is too slow when you need to use it.
  • Tell them the actual Speedtest result
  • Change your provider if they don't sort this out for you

Why does my WiFi vary so much in my home in Cardiff

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Why does my WiFi vary so much in my home in Cardiff