Why does my WiFi not reach every room in my home

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May 03

Why does my Wi-Fi not reach everywhere I need it in my home?

Your Wi-Fi router just won't reach every part of your home and for most people one router just can't reach the whole home. The signal will get weaker and weaker until the signal strength is too weak to deliver the Internet to where you need it.

Domestic Wi-Fi routers such as the one you will have in your home, are limited by law, to transmit no further than 200 feet, outside in perfect conditions, i.e. in the middle of a field on a sunny day. For this reason you can't just turn up the power of your router. It's also the reason that the new router you just bought, is no better than the old one.

The list of things that will decrease or even stop the Wi-Fi signal include:

  • Thick walls and especially the type of walls in Edwardian and Victorian homes that are common in Cardiff,
  • Any metal such as wiring or pipes in the walls, metal furniture, radiators, etc.
  • Large electronics devices such as TV's
  • People. Yes a room full of people will reduce the Wi-Fi signal
  • Interference from neighbours or local businesses

The solution here is to extend the reach of your Wi-fi to reach all of your home using the latest technology Mesh systems. These can be a challenge to setup and configure and that is where we can help you with our Wi-Fi services in Cardiff. Our expertise extends to knowing excctly where to position these devices to get the most reliable performance.

Choosing the correct and best devices for your home is important
These are challenging to setup correctly
Positioning the devices in the best possible location is very important
Confirm the system is working by completing a Wi-Fi survey

Why does my WiFi not reach every room in my home

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Why does my WiFi not reach every room in my home