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January 12

Welcome to our new blog, full of tips and news and anything else that makes sense to anyone struggling to get Wi-Fi coverage in their home in Cardiff.

If you have any questions, then please just email them in using EMAIL or WhatsApp and if the information would be of interest to others, then it will be included here.

Pleas check out the HOME PAGE where there is plenty of information about our services.

What's our background?

We started off as a general home and small office service for any computer related problems, where we visited you, over 25 years ago.

Our expertise developed into providing general PC & Laptop support, but mainly Apple Mac computer onsite services for home and business owners in the Cardiff area.

Today we still provide these services, but have specialised in providing assistance in getting your Wi-Fi internet broadband to work properly in your home or office.

It is fair to say that along the way we have pretty much experienced every difficult Wi-Fi situation, and we have yet to be defeated.

Welcome to the new Computerhomefix blog

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