Copper Cable or Fibre Optic Broadband providers

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March 16

Don't allow the Internet providers to dazzle you with jargon

Remember, what you want is a reliable service and having the fastest internet in Cardiff or being able to connect up to 100 devices in your home is not important.

You will no doubt be offred a "better" or "faster" service, and pay more for it, for a Fibre type of service.

Here are some things to consider:

Cardiff was one of the first areas in the UK, to get fibre optic cable broadband from CabelTel, who became NTLWorld, who then bacame Virgin Media. That was over about 20 years ago, so that means that system is now far from being considered new.

In our opinion, try to choose a provider that uses the latest Fibre cables which are being delivered to most residential areas of Cardiff at a fast rate. Check with your Internet provider or the providers you are considering changing to, what type of system they use or when they will switch over. This reccomendation is based on reliability of new equipment over old cabeling.

Providers who use the new system will no doubt be bombarding you with advertising offering a signifcant speed boost and cost hike.

Copper Cable or Fibre Optic Broadband providers

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Copper Cable or Fibre Optic Broadband providers