Best Broadband Internet WiFi DEALS in Cardiff

Written by Webdeersign for the amazing Webdeersign BLOG


February 22

Where can I get the best Broadband Internet deal in Cardiff?

The best deals are almost always found by using a service such as USwitch to search for the best deals. We have no affialiation with USwitch but have found them to be the among the best from our experience, and have heard similar good things from others. There are other similar services such as GoCompare, etc., so our advice woudl be to Google a phrase such as best broadband deals, and then check them all.

Based on our experience and what others tell us in Cardiff, Wales, going directly to a provider will often NOT get you the best deal. Also, ask yourself, why new users get a better deal than YOU do, from the provider you have been with for years? (Yes looking at VirginMedia again).

For example. In December 2021, the best deal for a 67Mb fibre service was available from TalkTalk directly for £30 per month for 18 months. That same service was available for £20 per month for 18 months plus a £100 money back voucher from USwitch for what appeared to be the same TalkTalk service.

Don't forget that when you contract ends after usually 18 months, you can switch to a better deal.