Are all Internet Broadband WiFi providers the same

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April 25

What is the difference between the main Broadband Internet providers?

All Internet Broadband providers are not equal. Some own their technology, some don't own any part of the technology and just sub contract to another provider. Some have UK based support, some have support based not in the UK, some create obstacles making it far more difficult than it should be to contact them - Virgin Media.

Broadband is just a service like insurance, water supply, etc.. Some will run promotions to draw in new customers and some will penalise users who stay with them by increasing prices when they can get the same service much cheaper as a new user.

We have not noticed any difference between the different routers used by the various providers. If a router is not powerful to reach the loft or to reach the furthest bedroom in the house, then another providers router will not make any difference in our experience.

We have heard great things about all of the providers and also bad things about them too. Not one provider stands out as being better than any other, consistently over time. They all seem to change their support systems, so that for example, their support staff may be based in the UK, but that could change in the future.

What we have not found is a provider who places reliability above performance, with a compensation package for loss of service and down time.

Currently, we hear less bad things about TalkTalk and Sky.

BT are currently installing VOIP digital services to new users and have not yet addressed the OFCOM warning about making emergency calls reliable for the most vulnerable. Read our latest update on this, here.

Are all Internet Broadband WiFi providers the same

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Are all Internet Broadband WiFi providers the same